Inspire a girl on International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and I can’t resist the longing to inspire a girl.

Every woman has a responsibility to tell the girls in her life about their greatness…to teach them things she was never taught…to reach back and help them in some unique way. Currently, my unique way is by getting my book The Belief in Wings into the hands of as many girls as possible.

In December of 2016, Erica Alcox, The Geechie Gurl, and I joined forces, asking charitable donors to support 10 sex-trafficking survivors in Atlanta by purchasing a copy of The Belief in Wings that would be hand delivered to them the following week.

Photo Credit: Erica Alcox, The Geechie Gurl

Today, I come to you, petitioning for that same help. This time on behalf of The Shelton Project. The Shelton Project is an initiative of The Healthly Lifestyle Network that provides training and resources while meeting community needs in Port Antonio, Jamaica. This summer, The Shelton Project will add a childhood sexual abuse awareness and prevention program to its already long list of impressive services.

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Every year, The Healthy Lifestyle Network hosts a Pre-Valentine’s Day Tea Fundraiser. Donations generated during this event help to fund all of their outreach programs, to include the upcoming sexual abuse prevention campaign. This year, 2017, I was invited to be their guest speaker.

It’s no secret my personal narrative contains the hurt of childhood sexual abuse and rape. So when my presence was requested, I was deeply moved. Not only because of my personal connection to sexual assault, but also because of the significance of a tea party.

I’ve never been to a real tea party. And sadly, I have no memory of ever having had a tea party when I was little girl. However, I have been invited to pretend tea parties by my daughters on numerous occasions.

In fact, just days before I was invited to speak at the tea, one of my twin daughters Kourtney gave me this special invitation:

So after I was asked to speak, I immediately pulled out this invite and re-read it. And I saw something I had never really considered. What I saw was my daughter asking me to give her my time and attention…to pour into her. And suddenly, I realized that by pouring into her, she would also be pouring into me.

At Luke 6:38, the Bible says, “Give and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”

Click HERE to donate a copy of The Belief in Wings to The Shelton Project!

When I think of my daughter Kourtney who is 7 and in the 2nd grade, I can’t help but wonder what I would have given to have someone pour into me at her age.

By the time I was my daughter’s age, I had already seen and experienced things that no child that age should. At age 5, (we lived in California at the time) I was sexually abused and raped at the hands of my before and after school babysitter’s 15-year-old son. The molestation and mental threats went on for months, ultimately resulting in my rape. So, the fact that The Healthy Lifestyle Network is adding a sexual abuse program to the Shelton Project this summer holds deep meaning for me. The occurrence of childhood sexual abuse in our world today is staggering. And it is running rampant in Jamaica.

Childhood is precious and should never be tainted with such vile and disturbing acts.

I keep things from my kids’ childhoods. Artwork, books, stuffed animals, notes…even lost teeth and locks of hair from first haircuts. The only thing I have from my childhood is this ruler. No one saved any of my artwork, special notes or anything like that. But somehow this ruler has always been with me. It’s from the 3rd grade. I was 8 years old. Just one year older than my twin daughters are now.

On the back of the ruler, I drew a bunch of stars. And I wrote the following: “Donloyn LeDuff, class 3K, The Star.”

In my daydreams, I felt like a star. But in reality, I was suffering inside. I felt unwanted, unworthy, alone and ashamed. I felt I didn’t measure up. I have to wonder if that’s why it’s scrawled on the back of a ruler.

If only I had had someone to pour into me. To fill my cup. To serve me with kindness and love and reminders of confidence and self-esteem.

In fact, had someone told me that Girls are Royal perhaps that would have made all the difference. The Shelton Project will hold a girls conference this summer in Port Antonio, Jamaica conveying this same message… Girls are Royal. This conference will help in the fight against childhood sexual abuse.

But in order to execute this project effectively, The Shelton Project needs support. Their desire is to provide a copy of The Belief in Wings to each girl in their summer sex abuse prevention and awareness program.

Click HERE to donate a copy of The Belief in Wings to The Shelton Project!

The Shelton Project has done an excellent job of pouring into the lives of the girls they serve. I pray your generous hearts will move you to pour into them.

By donating a copy of the book today, you make it possible for them to continue their selfless work of filling the cups of the young women, teens and girls by giving them the hope of better tomorrow.

Inspire a girl on International Women’s Day! Help The Shelton Project remind those they serve that they are worthy of a little time and attention and that they do measure up!

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